The House at the Boot (Dum u Velke Boty)

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / The House at the Boot (Dum u Velke Boty)

The Renaissance house’s street facade contributes significantly to the harmoniously extended area of Vlašská (Italian) Street. According to old pictures, one may assume that the house was built in the second half of the 16th century, with modifications in the Baroque and Classical periods. Karel Jaromír Erben also lived there for a time. The house, which has perfectly preserved its historical charm, now serves as a small family hotel. The uniqueness of this place lies, among other things, in the well-preserved historical pieces, such as the 19th-century tiled stove or even the old wood-burning kitchen stove. Thanks to these two unique stoves, the building of the House at the Boot is a listed historical site.

Vlašská 30

Capacity: 20-25

SIMONA BABČÁKOVÁ ©Archiv Dejvického divadla

©Archiv Dejvického divadla


will be reading from Miss Fifty by Rosa Ribas, translation Petra Královcová / Motto, 2018