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Kampa police station
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The premises of the Kampa field office of the Municipal Police are located in the house At the Golden Lion, which is situated on the right bank of the Čertovka River/ Devil´s Canal and occupies a trapezoidal plot facing three sides. At the beginning of the 17th century, the house was built by Jan Jiří Dyrynk, a pharmacist and mayor of the Lesser Town. The house acquired its present appearance following its reconstruction in the 18th century. After 1959 the singer Eva Olmerová used to live here. The municipal police use the field office for educational and social events.

Hroznová 5

Capacity:  30
Barrier-free access: partly
WC: yes

Městská policie Praha



will be reading from The Ungrateful Stranger by Irena Brežná, translation  Zuzana Henešová BaobabGplusG, 2021

Městská policie Praha-detašované pracoviště Kampa
Městská policie Praha-detašované pracoviště Kampa