The Werich Villa

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / The Werich Villa

The Werich Villa, formerly also called the Dobrovský house or Engel tannery, is closely connected with the history of Kampa Island. The first mention of the building comes from 1580; later, it was reconstructed by Ignatius John Nepomuk Palliardi into its present Neo-Classical form. Originally, it served as a tannery and then as a tenement house. It was occupied by, for example, Josef Dobrovský, the best-known Czech Enlightenment scientist; Jan Werich and Jiří Voskovec, famous actors and artists; and Vladimír Holan, a Czech poet. In 2002, a large flood hit the villa, and the last tenants had to move out. In 2015, Museum Kampa obtained a lease on the Werich Villa after winning an open public tender.

U Sovových mlýnů 7

Capacity: 30-40
WC: yes

At this reading place, visitors can take part in a mini-course on the basics of Czech sign language between readings.

Werichova vila
Czech Sign Language



will be reading from Eliete – A Normal Life by Dulce Maria Cardoso, translation Marie Havlíková / Bourdon, 2021

Werichova vila
Werichova vila