The Šatlava Club

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / The Šatlava Club

The Šatlava Club is a social club that opened in 2016 in a historic building near Charles Bridge. The municipality has contributed to the fact that Šatlava has not become another commercial venue in this picturesque Prague district: it primarily serves Lesser Town club members and enthusiasts. The place is perceived as a social and cultural events centre and as a meeting place for the local community. It is also open to all others looking for a place that fits into the Lesser Town’s spirit and reflects its genius loci as people may attend lectures, talks, concerts, exhibitions, and meetings there.

Saská 2

Capacity:  20-30
Barrier-free access: partly
WC: yes

Jaroslav Rudis ©Peter von Felbert

©Peter von Felbert


will be reading from  Winterberg´s  Last Journey by Jaroslav Rudiš, translation Michaela Škultéty / Labyrint, 2021

Klub Šatlava
Klub Šatlava