The Judith Tower

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / The Judith Tower

The Judith Tower or the Lesser Town Bridge Tower is the lower of the two towers forming the gateway from Charles Bridge to the Lesser Town. The structure was used to defend the Judith Bridge, located on today’s Charles Bridge site. In the 12th century, the tower was built in the Romanesque style; in the 16th century, the building underwent Renaissance alterations when they converted it into apartments. Now the tower is used by the Club for Old Prague, which has an archive and offices there. The club, founded in 1900, has been based in the Judith Tower since 1927. The shop under the smaller Lesser Town Bridge Tower in the Renaissance interior of the former arcades offers a large selection of books on Prague and publications for monument lovers.

Mostecká 1

Capacity:  30-40

David Prachař ©foto Jan Hromádko

©foto Jan Hromádko


will be reading from The Convert by Stefan  Hertmans, translation Radka Smejkalová/ Garamond, 2021