The Italian Cultural Institute

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / The Italian Cultural Institute

The oldest of the entire network of Italian cultural institutes celebrates its one-hundred anniversary this year. The celebration was made possible by the commitment of local and Italian academics and intellectuals based in Prague and by funding from the Italian and Czechoslovak governments. Over the years, the Institute changed its seat several times until it settled in the 16th-century Italian Hospital, a building linked to the history of the Italian community present in the Czech Lands since the Renaissance era. The Italian minority in Prague and the Jesuits at St. Clement played an essential role in creating the Italian Hospital, the Italian Chapel, and the Italian Congregation. The Chapel is one of the examples of early Baroque architecture in Prague. Currently, it serves as an exhibition hall and a venue for conferences, screenings, and concerts.

Šporkova 14

Capacity: 30-40
WC: yes

At this reading place, visitors can take part in a mini-course on the basics of Czech sign language between readings.

Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga
Czech Sign Language
Pavla Beretová ©foto Jan Hromádko

©foto Jan Hromádko


will be reading from Strangers I Know by Claudia Durastanti, translation Sára Flemrová/ Kniha Zlín, 2022)