Kampa Community Centre – sala terrena

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / Kampa Community Centre – sala terrena

The former garden house is a remnant of the park’s baroque garden design. The 17th-century cultural monument has been rebuilt many times and used for various purposes. The municipal district, which owns the building, decided to use it for local citizens’ activities and provided it to the Kampa Community Centre. Thus it created a multi-purpose venue for meetings, lectures, courses, and screenings. The Kampa Community Centre, as the operator of the Kampa Maternity Centre and the sala terrena, supports the development of civil society and the local community in Prague 1, especially in the Lesser Town. Their efforts also include the environment and natural environment protection in Kampa.

U Sovových mlýnů 5

Capacity: 20-30
Barrier-free access: partly
WC: yes

Komunitní centrum Kampa - sala terrena
Petr Vančura ©foto Jan Hromádko

©foto Jan Hromádko


will be reading from Velvet Blues (Čukča´s Great Misfortune)  by Gejza Demeter,  team of translators  / Kher, 2021