Art Residence Prague

Literature Night 2022 / Prague / Art Residence Prague

The art café, gallery, and harmonization centre are located close to Charles Bridge in a hidden courtyard under the Bishop’s Tower, one of Prague’s oldest monuments. Building the Bishop’s Court most probably followed constructing the much older Judith Bridge. At the beginning of the 15th century, it was the site where the books of John Wycliffe, the English reformer, were burnt. Later, the Hussites plundered the entire bishop’s residence, and the court was never rebuilt. In 2010, Art Residence Prague was established there to present authors’ and artists’ works. Gallery Art Residence Prague became the last gallery of Bořek Šípek, a renowned architect and designer.

Mostecká 14

Capacity: 30-40
Barrier-free access: partly
WC: yes

ART Residence Prague
ZUZANA ONUFRÁKOVÁ ©Alena Hrbkovičová

©Alena Hrbkovičová


will be reading from The Bonnet by Katarína Kucbelová/ Slovart, 2019

Art Café Mostecká 14
Art Café Mostecká 14