Nina Lykke

Full spredning – En Leger roman / Natural Causes



Elin has moved into her doctor’s office, where her patients march in, all day long, with all their little infirmities and ailments. For two decades, Elis has been a regular general practitioner; and for at least as long, she has been married to Axel. But before Axel, there was a man called Bjørn, who suddenly appeared on Facebook and turned Elin’s life upside down. Elin knows something has to happen, but she sits in the office in a kind of limbo. A plastic skeleton named Tore stands in the corner, taunting her. And back home in her terraced house, Axel is furious unless he’s being comforted by Elin’s divorced friend and neighbour Gro.

Published by  Kontrast, 2022



Nina Lykke (*1965) is a Norwegian novelist. She made her debut in 2010 with The Orgy and Other Stories (Orgien og andre fortellinger), which received critical acclaim. A novel from a medical background, Natural Causes (Full spredning), is the fourth book by this popular Norwegian author, who combines elements of satire in her writing with dark humour and tragic themes.


Kateřina Krištůfková